Rovers announce squad numbers

Rovers announce new shirt numbers
After a whole host of comings and goings at Prenton Park this summer, Tranmere Rovers have today announced their squad numbers for the 2008-09 season.

Of the players who were at Prenton Park last season, many retain the same number, with the likes of Chris Greenacre still wearing the number 10 shirt, Steven Jennings taking number 12 and Antony Kay holding on to the number 6 jersey.

There have also been a large number of number changes though, with Ben Chorley moving from 14 to 4, captain Ian Goodison from 15 to 5 and Andy Taylor taking the number 3 shirt.

Of the new signings, Bas Savage and George O'Callaghan take the number 7 and 8 shirts, whilst Gareth Edds has taken the unlucky number 13 shirt.

Youngsters Terry Gornell, Danny Holmes and Aaron Cresswell have all been allocated new numbers, with Gornell given the number 14 shirt, perhaps indicating that he will, quite rightly some would say, be heavily involved with the first team this season.

The full list is as follows:

1. Danny Coyne
3. Andy Taylor
4. Ben Chorley
5. Ian Goodison
6. Antony Kay
7. Bas Savage
8. George O'Callaghan
9. Ian Moore
10. Chris Greenacre
11. Adnan Ahmed
12. Steven Jennings
13. Gareth Edds
14. Terry Gornell
15. Danny Holmes
16. Endrissa Sonko
17. Luke Waterfall
18. Aaron Cresswell
20. Paul Henry
23. Chris Shuker
24. John Achterberg
25. Craig Curran