Jennings for right-back

Tranmere are tonight without to right-backs, Simon Francis and Paul Linwood and it looks likely that it will be Rovers influential midfielder Steven Jennings who fills in at the position where Rovers have already had three others this season.

Jennings, who on Saturday played right-midfield and played center-midfield against MK Dons. He has however already featured at right-back this season, away to Southend in the league.

He will also follow the likes of Paul Linwood, Alex Bruce and Simon Francis to play at right-back for Rovers this season, following the deperature of star player Ryan Taylor to Wigan Athletic, of the Premiership, in the summer.

When asked about the subject yesterday, Brian Little told the press "Steven might have to fill in there for a one off game. It is not an entirely unfamiliar role to him.
When Steven played at right-back to Southend this season he did very well, and tonight he may well be our best shot."

Other than playing Jennings out of position, Little could throw reserve team player Oliver James into the action for the first time. But this is unlikely Little admitted in the same interview.

"I like Oliver as a player, but I feel throwing him into the action might not be the right thing to do. We would much prefer the experience of Steven, as it is a one off game."

But is Little right? Surely a player must be given his chance some time, and a game such as this should be the time to do it. Afterall, look what has happened since Little threw Steven Jennings and Steven Davies into first team football this season, after telling us he didn't want to.