Football looks set for changes

There could be a number of changes made in the football league in the near future after the F.A. revealed they are looking into bringing terraces back at football matches along with games finishing in a penalty shoot-out if the match has failed to provide a winner after 90-minutes.

A recent vote by football fans for and against terraces returning at football matches saw 92% of fans vote in favour of a return for standing at grounds, despite what happened at the Hillsborough distaster of 1989.

Everton are one of the main teams backing the movement towards standing returning at game and it appears that should Everton get the go ahead to build their new stadium, they would make some of the ground terracing instead of seating.

The F.A. however have said that should terraces return, they would be safer and better policed to avoid accidents like that of 1989.

The other rule which could be put in place see's penalty shoot-outs after a match should it end all square, again as the result of a poll held for football fans.

However, it appears that a great number of fans are against the move and see it as "Americanising" the sport, as in American sports such as Basketball "Over-time" is held if a game ends all-square to avoid draws.